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EMtel Infinity has now arrived!

Fibre Optic Technology for you. You may have seen BT's advert, where they claim only they can offer BT Infinity. Well we can now offer EMtel Infinity.

EMtel Infinity Fibre Optic Technology

What is it?

In short, it is Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). Up until now the Openreach network has been digital from exchange to exchange, but analogue from the exchange to your premises. The main shortcoming of analogue is that the bandwidth decreases the further you are from the exchange, so only a few businesses have been able to realise really high-speed internet access. Fibre to Cabinet means broadband data is carried over digital fibre optic cables to the street cabinet, which is likely to be far nearer to you than your local exchange. In short, this means faster speeds for a great number of people.

What Speed Can You Expect?

Download speeds can be anything from 20Mbps to 40Mbps (some of the newest connections go to 80Mbps), compared to a current maximum of 22Mbps. Upload speeds are anything up to 10Mbps compared to a current maximum of 832Kbps. Increased upload speeds will be of particular benefit to customers who have remote users connecting to their server.

Is it Expensive?

For the vast majority of our customers the cost is £29.95 per month; so just £5 per month more than our standard broadband price. That's more than twice the speed for just £60 per year.

Is it Reliable?

Regardless of what other suppliers may tell you, any Broadband service can be volatile. However, FTTC is running over newly installed fibre-optic cables whereas standard broadband runs over existing copper lines. With this in mind, it is fair to say that EMtel Infinity is far less likely to go wrong.

Is Fibre Optic available Everywhere?

Confused by the Fibre Optic options? We can check for you automatically every week.

Fibre Optic Availability

Not yet, but if it isn't in your area we can keep your details on file and notify you as soon as it becomes available. We have an automated system that checks every week to see if your Cabinet has been enabled for Fibre to the cabinet.

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