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Become an EMtel Partner

Becoming an EMtel Partner is a great way to increase your product portfolio and generate additional income. We have a range of Partnership programmes that have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of various types of business or individuals.

Flexibility - You can change the relationship you have with us at any time. For example, you may start as a Referrer, increase your knowledge and become a Consultant; then once your customer base has grown, you can take ownership of your customers and become a wholesaler.

Partner Agreement - EMtel agrees never to cross sell products into your account base without consulting you, and without paying you a commission.

Image 05 EMtel Referrer
This option is ideal for you if you would like to earn additional revenue from your customers but are too busy to become massively involved with telecoms. If you refer any new company to EMtel then you can earn great upfront and on-going commission if they become an EMtel customer.

EMtel is responsible for selling and providing the service, for billing the customer and for providing excellent customer service. All you have to do is make the introduction.

There is no minimum requirement to be an EMtel referrer. We'll pay you a commission even if it is for just 1 customer!

Image 05 EMtel Consultant
Earn even higher commissions by selling directly to new potential customers. We train you in all areas where you need training and still assist you with the sale where needed.

EMtel is responsible for providing the service, for billing the customer and for providing excellent customer service.

Image 05 EMtel Wholesaler

Our wholesale partnerships have been deliberately made flexible so we can match them to meet with your requirements. Any new customer who takes our service will have your logo on their bill, but EMtel can still provide the billing service and still provide assistance with debt collection, administration and customer service. Alternatively you can provide these services yourself and, in doing so, increase your profit margins.

Image 05 EMtel Affiliate
Ideal for Charities, Buying Groups, or Business Forums; you can earn money for your organisation while your members can save money on their telecoms.

If you are a charity, supporters of your charity who sign with EMtel will benefit from cheaper telephone bills and each month a percentage of their bill will go to supporting your charity.

If you are a buying group or business forum, your members will benefit from better rates than had they come to us directly. Offering additional services will increase loyalty and help you recruit new members. The businesses who sign with EMtel will create a revenue stream that you can either keep for yourself, or pass back to your customers by way of an additional discount.

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