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Are you paying over the odds for your telephone calls or data services? Or perhaps you're suffering from unreliable service? Has your business grown but your telephone and data services lagged behind?

Whatever your challenges, if you'd like a service that better meets your needs, talk to us. An initial consultation will enable us to make recommendations that will meet your current requirements and those of your future plans.

Image 05 Fixed Lines and Calls
You can get your BT line directly from us and take advantage of cheaper installation and rental charges.

Image 05 Business Broadband, Data and Fibre to Cabinet
Your business relies increasingly more on having a fast and reliable broadband connection. We can advise on and supply everything from a broadband ADSL connection to the new Fibre Optic products and full speed guaranteed data lines offering up to 200Mbps.

Image 05 Telephone Systems
We can supply and service a range of telephone systems at many price points to match the needs of your business. Our experience means we also advise you on any needs to support your future growth.

Image 05 Business Mobile Phones
Business mobile phones: the right package for your business - plus all calls from you office to your business mobiles - COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE

Image 05 VOIP Voice Over IP
How to best use new internet based technologies to maximise the benefit for your business. We can help you to identify and simplify the choices for your business requirements.

Image 05 Better Connectivity with EMMEX EMtel Managed Exchange
EMMEX is our fully-managed; cloud based hosted Voice over IP (VOIP) service. It offers all the features and benefits that a telephone system gives, without the need to have on-site hardware installed. This enables organisations to work more efficiently. It is the ideal solution for companies where the cost of a telephone system can be prohibitive or where multi-site functionality and flexibility are required.

Image 05 EMtext SMS Text Messaging
SMS text messaging allows you to send single or multiple texts from your PC to your staff, customers or suppliers. It can be used for a variety of purposes and can save you a fortune on your telephone bill.

Image 05 Network Free Call: Free telephone calls for multi-site businesses
Our network allows you to have free calls between your sites, without having to use unreliable IP links.

Image 05 Telephone numbers
You can now you can choose the type of telephone number that will work best for your business. We specialise in number ports, retaining your number and intelligent inbound call solutions.

Image 05 Fax to Email and Email to Fax
Do you want to avoid the inconvenience and expense of buying and running a fax machine? Particularly when you don't send or receive a large number of faxes. Our Fax to Email and Email to Fax services are easy and cheap to use and fully flexible.

Our Style

Our clients love our bespoke service and the consistency of the way we work
  • We use the BT Openreach network - it's highly reliable and provides the quality our clients seek
  • You have your own UK based account manager who can deal with any enquiries straight away
  • You will be billed by EMtel - any questions and you can talk directly to us
  • A consistently good price with significant savings when compared to many other suppliers - to see how much you could save

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