Hassle free business telecoms throughout the UK

Why Choose EMtel for your business telecoms?

Because we know telecoms and - more importantly - we make sure we know our clients.

Our clients want reliability in their telecoms service which is why we only use trusted networks and products. It's our knowledge of the sector that means we can get you a fair price, one that doesn't compromise on quality.

We talk to our clients before we make any recommendations. By understanding your current and future needs we can make future-proofed recommendations that mean you can grow your business confident that your telecoms needs will continue to be met.

We know the competition - which means our products are innovative and competitively priced.

Changing supplier doesn't have to be complicated. If you think, you're stuck in a contract you can't get out of you need to talk to us - if you've been misled in the past we can help get you back on the right track with EMtel.

Our Promise

Image 05 Integrity in Approach
Unlike other providers, we don't mislead you into contracts that are not what you thought you were agreeing to. You won't find yourself on a rolling contract by mistake and you won't be pressurised into making an instant decision. Sign with us when you're sure it's the right deal for you.

Image 05 Fairness in Pricing
We won't surprise you with an extra connection charge; we don't apply minimum charges; we don't sneak in higher rates on lesser used numbers. We charge per second, not per minute and we don't round up call durations. You can't beat us for an honest approach to our prices.

Image 05 Reliability in Service
For us - and for our clients - quality comes before price. We could try penny-pinching but prefer to use tried and tested services and products that won't let you down. We know that makes our clients happy. And, if problems do arise, they can get through directly to their dedicated Account Manager, who will get straight on the case - no being passed around a call centre for hours for EMtel clients.